2020-05-19 Town Hall Calls on COVID-19 Crisis Pt. 8

The May 19 Inclusiv Town Hall webinar focused on liquidity and capital resources for credit unions and projections beyond COVID-19 crisis .
Highlights were as follows:
  • Inclusiv CEO, Cathie Mahon gave an advocacy and policy update: The $1 billion appropriation for CDCUs was included int the Heroes Bill but the Senate is not keen on passing it
  • Cathi Kim, Director of Inclusiv/Capital, gave an overview on economic conditions and trends of the communities hardest hit by COVID-19 and secondary capital information and resources. Also covered were stress projections based on the Great Recession.
  • Tim Segerson, Deputy Director of the Office of Examinations and Insurance (E&I) at the NCUA talked about the NCUA's secondary capital plan submission process and explained CARES Act enhancements to NCUA's central liquidity facility
  • David Xu, Senior Manager in Credit Risk Management at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco spoke on the Federal Reserve Bank's PPP liquidity facility (PPPLF) and main street lending programs: MSNLF, MSPLF, MSELF

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05-19-2020 Town Hall Series COVID-19 Crisis


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