2018-08-01 15.01 Financial Counseling as a Growth Strategy

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Financial Counseling as a Growth Strategy

In this session, learn from leading credit union financial counseling practitioners about how their credit unions have integrated financial counseling into their credit union marketing, outreach, and lending in order to reach underserved segments of their community and grow their credit unions’ bottom line.

This webinar dives into successful credit union models for delivering one-to-one financial counseling that advances the financial health of low-income individuals utilizing the Pathways to Financial Empowerment technology platform and model. The session will also explore how a combination of trusted guidance, relevant financial products, and technology are allowing credit unions to integrate counseling into their suite of consumer-focused financial services.

Participants will come away from this session with an understanding of the multiplier effect financial counseling and coaching can have across your credit union, including:

  • Serving the underserved
  • Connecting people to products
  • Building savings, scores and hope


Tim Cerebe, Vice President of Community Development, Freedom First FC
Diane Sandoval, Financial Empowerment &  Outreach Manager , Guadalupe CU
Christopher Starr , Associate Director of Technical Assistance and Program Design , Neighborhood Trust

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