The Inclusiv Conference and Puerto Rico’s COVID-19 Response

Puerto Rico's COVID-19 Response


As we prepare for our first in-person conference since 2019, we wanted to share some updates concerning COVID-19 and Puerto Rico.

As you may have heard from news outlets, Puerto Rico has been praised for its effective response to COVID-19. Public health authorities on the island have been very proactive promoting vaccination, mask wearing, and strict testing requirements. Residents have taken COVID-19 seriously, actively collaborating with public health authorities and complying with executive orders.

Some of the public health initiatives that are in place and have been instrumental to Puerto Rico's success include:

  • Vaccine or negative test requirement at airports
  • Airport vaccination sites
  • Universal indoor masking order
  • Capacity controls for restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Mass testing sites and strict testing requirements

These public health measures have been very successful, helping the island overcome several surges and maintain its hospital system's integrity throughout the pandemic. Puerto Rico has one of the highest full vaccination rates in the country, with 83.3% of the population fully vaccinated, and 93.6% having at least one dose of the vaccine. Even though Omicron had a huge impact on Puerto Rico's COVID-19 positivity rate in the past three months, it now sits at 15.11%, the lowest since December 21st. The island is now over the Omicron curve, with a sustained reduction in COVID-19 cases that authorities expect to carry on through February and March.

With the current public health measures in effect, and with a sustained decrease in COVID-19 cases in the island, we are confident that Puerto Rico will continue to be an ideal place to hold our in-person conference in May of this year. We look forward to seeing you there!

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