Pathways to Safe and Affordable Auto Lending 

This webinar is postponed until further notice.

Pathways to Safe and Affordable Auto Lending

You're Invited! New Webinar for Credit Unions on March 31st

Join Inclusiv and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners and learn how credit unions have incorporated financial coaching into their auto loan programs to expand responsible lending to low-income people.

For much of the country, access to a functional, efficient vehicle is essential for getting to work, school, and living day-to-day life. And yet low-income people, particularly those with damaged credit, have limited access to affordable financing, instead relying on high cost, unsustainable products. Through flexible underwriting and affordable rates, paired with financial coaching support, community development credit unions are able to bridge this gap and provide responsible financing that enables low-income consumers to achieve their financial goals.

In this webinar, we’ll highlight a case study of a credit unions’ responsible auto lending and financial coaching program, as well as trends we see nationally on the Pathways to Financial Empowerment platform.

New Pathways to Financial Empowerment Webinar:
Pathways to Safe and Affordable Auto Lending
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Together, we will explore how credit unions are integrating and building on their financial counseling and coaching programs into their suite of consumer-focused financial services, ultimately helping individuals overcome income volatility and financial instability.

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Want a Deeper Dive on Financial Coaching?

Join our Pathways Bootcamp at the Inclusiv Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Want to learn more about strengthening your financial coaching program with Pathways? The Pathways Bootcamp is a half-day intensive on financial coaching program design, best practice, and outcome measurement. This year, we'll be offering the Pathways Bootcamp in both English and Spanish !

Join our Pathways Bootcamp at the Inclusiv Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico!  Visit to register and learn more. Questions? Contact Vernice Arahan at for more information about Pathways.

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