Inclusiv Statement on George Floyd and Justice for Black Lives

We mourn the death of George Floyd and stand in solidarity with the millions fighting for justice for his life, for all Black lives, and communities that face systemic racism and oppression. Inclusiv is dedicated to the financial empowerment of communities of color, and we remain committed to working together with allies to achieve a racially and economically just future for our country.


Dear Members,

I am thinking of all of you in these troubling and painful times and sending you much love and appreciation. At Inclusiv, we mourn the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others at the hands of police violence. And we are finding ways to challenge the systemic and unconscionable racial injustice that pervades our country, culture and lives.

While we in the community development credit union movement are united in a bigger mission to reduce racial inequality in wealth and opportunity, this moment is showing us that more needs to be done. It places a spotlight on inequities both externally and internally. It reveals the privilege bestowed to some of us and the obstacles confronted by others of us. And the inability to tolerate a system rooted in the persecution and discrimination of people of color, most specifically Black Americans.

Some of you may have seen Inclusiv’s statement of mourning and solidarity at the top of this note on social media earlier this week. We must follow this statement with deeper reflection and action. This will not be easy and in fact may be painful, it is nonetheless essential to continue our work with care and authenticity.

In the next several days we will announce Inclusiv's COVID-19 Resilience Fund, part of our commitment to communities of color. Inclusiv's Resilience Fund will open i's first funding round later this month to minority designated member credit unions. The fund is designed to expand the scope and impact of minority designated CDCUs that are providing COVID-19 relief where it's needed most.

Next Monday, the Inclusiv staff will be holding an internal conversation about our feelings, thoughts, frustrations, anxieties and pain catalyzed by the ongoing senseless and violent murders of so many Black men, women and gender nonconforming individuals. We also hope that this discussion will reinvigorate a commitment to explore internally and externally what inequality means in our own work, in what we are trying to achieve, and how we get there. We hope this exploration will make us stronger in our ability to influence the change we seek in the financial system, economy, and culture of this country.

Just as we are having this discussion internally as a staff we want to find ways to share with the network in ways that are supportive and complementary to our peers and allies. We look forward to sharing ideas on how to do this and in hearing your thoughts.

For now, I’d like to thank and express my own appreciation and support for the change that you all are making in your communities and the world.


Cathie Mahon

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