Opportunities to Invest

Inclusiv has over 30 years of experience in tailoring portfolios to the interests and needs of a variety of investors — foundations, banks, government, religious organizations, and individual trusts. Usually, investments to Inclusiv/Capital are $100,000 or more, for terms of at least three years, at below-market interest rates. We typically create a diversified portfolio of investments in multiple CDCUs and match the maturities of our investments in credit unions with the investor’s instructions. Inclusiv always maintains sufficient net worth and liquidity to repay any loans made to Inclusiv/Capital. Inclusiv has never defaulted on, deferred, or reduced any payment of principal or interest. All investors are invited to request a copy of our CPA-audited financial statements.

Our Investors

Inclusiv/Capital receives loans, grants, and deposit funds from a wide variety of sources for reinvestment in local credit unions. Learn more.

Socially Responsible Investment Opportunities

For potential investors seeking further information about socially responsible investment opportunities, please fill out the investor inquiry form. Learn more.

Investment Selection Process

When placing deposits on behalf of our investors, Inclusiv deposits only up to insured limits (i.e. $250,000). Investment decisions for risk-bearing CDCU investments are made by Inclusiv’s arm’s length Community Development Investments Committee. Learn more.

Investment Offerings for Credit Unions

Inclusiv has a range of investment offerings for member credit unions seeking funds to increase liquidity, boost net worth, mitigate risk, and offer innovative products. Learn more.

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