Non-Member and Nominee Deposits

Inclusivs makes Non-member and Nominee Deposits in CDCUs to boost liquidity and support member credit unions’ expanded provision of safe and affordable loans to their local communities. Non-member deposits are so called because they are deposits made by an organization or an individual who is not a member of the credit union. Inclusiv also facilitates Nominee Deposits on behalf of third-party investors of up to $250,000. Inclusiv coordinates the placement of the deposit, but the third party investor is the depositor of record and the beneficiary of the insurance. Nominee Deposits can multiply the amount invested many times, as each Nominee Deposit is separately insured up to $250,000.


All Inclusiv member credit unions with low-income designation that meet our general eligibility criteria are eligible to apply for non-member and nominee deposits. See general Eligibility Criteria here.


Inclusiv makes Non-Member and Nominee Deposits of up to $250,000. We strive to make deposits available below market interest rates in order to support credit unions as they contribute to their respective communities. Deposit terms range from 1 to 3 years.

How to Apply

Applications for non-member and nominee deposits are received and approved on a rolling basis. For eligible CDCUs seeking deposits, please complete the Credit Union Deposits Form.

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