Credit Unions on the Frontlines of Financial Inclusion 

Credit Unions on the Frontlines of Financial Inclusion

Celebrating our Members on International Credit Union Day

All people living in the US should have access to the financial tools and resources to build financial security for themselves and their families. Inclusiv and its member community development credit unions believe that financial inclusion is a fundamental right.

This International Credit Union Day we're celebrating our network's rich history of advocating for and supporting credit unions serving low-income consumers.

We believe that hardworking people should have access to high-quality responsible financial services delivered with dignity and respect.

We believe in meeting people where they are no matter what their financial situation and helping to move them forward.

We believe in financial inclusion for all, including those who have been unfairly or inadequately served by the financial system. Together with our members, friends, partners and allies, we will succeed in creating a more just and equitable financial system for all.

We are agents of meaningful change. We want to move our industry to become more responsive to the needs of underserved, under-represented people.

Our members are community development credit unions, also known as CDCUs, with a mission of serving the underserved. Many of our members are minority-designated or CDFI credit unions. All of our members are committed to helping their members achieve financial independence. Here are just some of the faces of financial inclusion in the network of Inclusiv credit unions.











































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