Pathways to Financial Empowerment is a new financial counseling model supported by first-of-its-kind technology to track impact.

Pathways supports credit unions to:

  • Deliver consistent, best-practice financial counseling and coaching to low-income and underserved people
  • Achieve and measure impact on members and the credit union on central platform
  • Analyze and better understand financial wellness and engagement of members

Pathways was launched by Inclusiv and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners in 2015 and has achieved incredibly strong impact results to date. Click here to download the Pathways to Financial Empowerment Financial & Social Impact Brief.


Learn about the financial empowerment impact our members are making through Pathways and other activities in our new report for 2022!"

Learn more about Pathways:

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National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) featured Pathways on its blog: COVID-19 and Financial Well-being: Lessons Learned from Inclusiv and their Pathways to Financial Empowerment Program



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