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What is Inclusiv/Technology?

Inclusiv/Technology leverages technology and data to expand financial inclusion in underserved communities. Inclusiv’s network of community development credit unions (CDCUs) serve low-income communities and communities of color with meaningful and innovative products and services that support their members’ financial needs and advance their financial lives. Inclusiv partners with mission-aligned fintech providers and others to develop, test, and scale innovative products and services that enable CDCUs to deliver efficient and measurable high-impact financial services and products.

Does your organization or company have an innovative product or service that currently meets or could easily be adapted to meet the needs of CDCUs and low-income communities? If so, we invite you to complete our contact form to get in touch with us.

Fintech Partners 

Inclusiv seeks to partner with mission-aligned technology and data providers that allow us to fulfill our mission of helping low- and moderate-income people and communities achieve financial independence through credit unions. Inclusiv partners are able to tap into the collective experience and expertise of the Inclusiv team and our network of over 450 community development credit unions (CDCUs). If you are interested in partnering with Inclusiv, please reach out to us through our contact form.

Building Emergency Savings

Inclusiv continues to innovate through the CU Impact platform with the recent creation of an automatic digital savings tool. With their unique experience applying behavioral science to technology, Common Cents Lab has joined Inclusiv to design, implement and evaluate how targeted use of the CU Impact automated “set it and forget it” savings tool will impact how much, how often, and in what situations people will increase their savings. Learn more about the initiatives here.

Inclusiv Innovation Council

Drawing on technology leaders from Inclusiv’s member credit unions, the Inclusiv Innovation Council works to identify, evaluate, and promote innovative products and services that enable CDCUs to increase financial inclusion in underserved communities. Quarterly Council meetings allow us to share emerging tech trends and Council members will be asked to help us evaluate new products and services periodically throughout the year.


For more information about Inclusiv’s technology and innovation initiatives contact Peter Rubenstein, Inclusiv’s Director of Technology & Innovation at

Organizations with products and services they believe meet the needs of Inclusiv’s members and the low-income communities and communities of color they serve should first complete our contact form.

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