African American Credit Union Initiative

The Inclusiv/Communities African American Credit Union Initiative (AACUI) is a program for small and faith-based credit unions serving predominantly African American communities in the New York Metro Area. Inclusiv is working with small, faith-based CUs in New York City and Chicago to showcase their many years of combined experience and continued relevance to the communities they serve.

Over the past 25 years, the wealth gap between black and whites Americans has nearly tripled. Today, the typical African-American household has accumulated less than one-tenth the wealth of a typical white household. Pew Research Center reports that in 2013 median white household wealth in the U.S. totaled $140,000 vs. $14,000 for Hispanics and $11,000 for African-Americans. Economic advantages – including higher income, less debt, more home equity, retirement savings – accrue over time, creating wealth that gets passed on to the next generation.

African American Credit Unions serve some of the most vulnerable communities in the U.S. Credit unions are the better choice for all consumers, but they are the best choice for low- and moderate-income earners. African-American credit unions help their members build assets and credit, manage debt, and lay the foundations for building generational wealth.

The African American Credit Union Initiative is made possible through the generous support of Citi Community Development.

To learn more about AACUI, please contact Pamela Owens at

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