Inclusiv’s Initiatives support community development credit unions’ provision of innovative financial products and services to underserved communities. Our Initiatives develop products to respond to low and moderate-income consumers financial needs, foster strategic partnerships, disseminate best practices in service delivery, and provide education and training to CDCU leaders.

Responsible Products and Services

Alternatives to Predatory Products - Through investment and product development, Inclusiv supports CDCUs’ provision of safe and affordable alternatives to payday loans.

Homeownership - Inclusiv’s homeownership initiatives aim to increase community development credit unions’ recognition as a source of responsible mortgage financing and to expand credit unions’ capacity as mortgage lenders.

Financial Capability - Inclusiv helps credit unions develop the right strategies and approaches to build the financial capability of their members.

Microfinance - Inclusiv has worked with credit unions to develop and promote small dollar consumer and business loans that can, for example, provide alternatives to payday loans or help build bridges to citizenship for immigrants.

Serving Underserved Markets

Disability Outreach Network - Inclusiv has fostered strategic partnerships between CDCUs and national organizations serving people with disabilities in order to bring financial services, access to credit, and financial education to a market disproportionately represented in America’s low-income communities.

Immigrant Communities - In many communities, immigrants remain largely unbanked and vulnerable to predatory financial service providers. Inclusiv is working with CDCUs to meet the tremendous demand in the immigrant market.

Serving Older Adults - Inclusiv’s Better Directions program supports partnerships between CDCUs and community agencies that work with seniors in order to bring credit union financial products and services to low-to-moderate income seniors in conjunction with access to benefits and other budget and financial counseling services.


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