Inclusiv Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

Inclusiv condemns violence directed at
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


Inclusiv unequivocally condemns violence directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. As a network and a community dedicated to equality and inclusion, we mourn the murder of eight people in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday evening and the increasing numbers of Asian Americans attacked in communities everywhere. The escalation of ongoing anti-Asian sentiment in the United States, which saw 3,800 reported incidents of violence directed toward Asian Americans in 2020 and a 150% spike in anti-Asian crimes since the coronavirus pandemic began, must end.

Inclusiv stands with our AAPI and BIPOC partners and allies in solidarity against racism. We need to actively work to address systemic bias and discrimination every day, dismantling racism within our own families, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, and our larger communities to begin putting an end to the enduring and powerful mechanisms of hate and prejudice that persists in our country. Inclusiv remains committed to working with our staff and members to create safe, inclusive, and equitable communities.

For information on ways to join in efforts to stop AAPI hate, visit the following resources and organizations:

• Asian American Federation:
• Asian Americans Advancing Justice:
• Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta:
• Asian Americans for Equality:
• AAPI Women Lead:
• Stop AAPI Hate:
• PBS Documentary Series: Asian Americans
• National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum:




Cathie Mahon

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