Inclusiv/Capital Invests $33 Million, Leverages $675 Million in ECIP Capital To Advance Community Led Financial Inclusion  and Racial Equity Initiatives

Inclusiv/Capital Invests $33 Million, Leverages $675 Million in ECIP Capital To Advance Community Led Financial Inclusion and Racial Equity Initiatives

Financial inclusion and building equitable communities have been core to Inclusiv’s founding and mission. As we look forward to 2022, Inclusiv is pleased to announce $33 million in secondary capital investments in 14 community development credit unions (CDCUs) serving low-income and communities of color across the country. These historic investments have increased our collective impact in asset building and expanding financial inclusion to more than 2.5 million members of historically underinvested communities.

Inclusiv, the national intermediary for CDFI credit unions, launched the Southern Equity and Racial Equity Investment Funds, the industry’s first impact focused secondary capital loan funds, to promote economic mobility and racial equity through community led financial institutions. As the first and only impact focused secondary capital lender, Inclusiv provides both capital and technical assistance to support the development and scaling of CDCU growth and impact initiatives.

CDFI and minority designated credit unions participating in Inclusiv/Capital’s secondary capital program were able to further leverage this capital and Inclusiv’s technical assistance to receive approval for more than $675 million in capital from Treasury’s Emergency Capital Investment Program.

These investments will be used to support an inclusive recovery and more equitable communities. Capital from these initiatives will be used to strengthen inclusive, local economies and expand financial inclusion initiatives, including new technology initiatives, community partnerships, wealth building through homeownership, as well as innovate and scale asset building products designed for low-income and communities of color.

About the Inclusiv Southern Equity Fund:

Launched in 2019 with an equity investment from the Kresge Foundation, the  Inclusiv Southern Equity Fund raised $45 million in capital from National Cooperative Bank, Bank of America, MetLife, and Prudential Financial to invest in credit unions serving low-income and communities of color with a focus on the American South. The Fund is designed to promote economic mobility among low-wealth and underserved communities, to preserve and build diversity in community owned and controlled financial services, and to increase the impact of scalable institutions throughout the American South.

About the Inclusiv Racial Equity Investment Fund:

Launched in 2020 with a guaranty from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Inclusiv Racial Equity Investment Fund will raise up to $20 million in capital to provide long-term, high impact secondary capital investments into minority-led and other community development credit unions to expand economic relief and financial inclusion in communities of color. RWJF is also joined by our diverse cohort of investor partners: Comcast, Mercy Investment Services, and PNC Bank/N.A.


We are excited to partner with these local leaders and Inclusiv CDCUs:
2021 Inclusiv/Capital Secondary Capital Investees

CBC FCU, Oxnard, CA
Clearwater FCU, Missoula, MT
Community Plus FCU, Rantoul, IL
GTE FCU, Tampa, FL
Hope CU, Jackson, MS
Park View FCU, Harrisonburg, VA
Peoples Advantage FCU, Petersburg, VA
Resource One CU, Dallas, TX
Richmond Heritage FCU, Richmond, VA
Santa Cruz Community CU, Santa Cruz, CA
Southern Chautauqua FCU, Lakewood, NY
St. Louis Community CU, St. Louis, MO
USC CU, Los Angeles, CA

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