Closing the Homeownership Gap with Inclusiv/Mortgage

Kicking Off June is Homeownership Month

Tuesday, June 15 at 2 PM ET

Homeownership is a sign of independence, success, and security for many people in the United States, with an important role in the development of families, communities, and the economy. It is also a way to build wealth through equity. However, for many lower- and middle-income people, a history of segregation, discrimination, and structural barriers have reduced their access to affordable and safe mortgages, leaving them to miss out on the many financial benefits of homeownership.

Inclusiv/Mortgage is a secondary capital vehicle for member credit unions, helping them stay liquid while they help low- to moderate-income borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership. Inclusiv's mortgage portfolio is comprised of $20 million in affordable home mortgages originated by 25 community development credit unions across the country. 53% of mortgages are held by Black, Hispanic, and Asian homeowners, significantly above the national average, and 47% of mortgages are held by white homeowners.

Learn about Inclusiv's services at our webinar on June 15 (details below), online, or through our brochure. Stay tuned this month for more updates from Inclusiv/Mortgage.

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Scott Toler

Has your credit union thought about increasing borrower wealth through a mortgage program? Inclusiv's Manager of Mortgage, Bob Mundy, and Director of Lending Development, Ahmed Campbell, will introduce the Inclusiv/Mortgage program and how to originate funds while lowering risk exposure. Learn about the BULK and FLOW programs, servicing options, ITIN lending, and our competitive rates. SVP of Membership & Network Engagement, Pablo DeFilippi, will discuss ITIN lending.

Scott Toler, President/CEO of Credit Union Mortgage Association (CUMA), pictured left, shares servicing options, as well as how to do more loans by outsourcing your processing and underwriting.

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