CDFI Credit Unions Care about the Environment

CDFI Credit Unions Care about the Environment

Clearwater Credit Union

Clearwater FCU cares about its community and recognizes the repercussions of how they do business on their members, the economy, and the planet. That is why Clearwater is dedicated to making environmentally conscientious choices. From recycled paper and a reduction in water use, to how employees commute – Clearwater has taken a hard, objective look at their internal practices, identified opportunities for improvement, and is committed to exceeding their members' expectations of environmental stewardship.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Clearwater understands the basis of improving environmental sustainability is knowing the impact your business has. For three years, they have conducted and published an Environmental Impact Assessment analyzing business operations. The assessment informed Clearwater’s Environmental Management Plan. Clearwater is working with the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials to understand the impact of the balance sheet. You can find Clearwater’s Environmental Impact Assessment on their website

Path to Carbon Neutral
Driven by data from their Environmental Assessment, Clearwater charted a course to become carbon neutral. Their newest branch is a net zero branch, powered by a solar array. All Clearwater owned branches have undergone renovations to maximize solar capabilities. All branches offer full recycling to co-workers, including glass and compost services. Clearwater worked with a non-profit to purchase local carbon offsets that provide solar power in an affordable housing complex.

Helping Members Become Green
Clearwater is paperless and is helping its members go paperless too. They provide members with online, mobile and phone banking options to reduce paper reliance. The credit union offers an array of lending products to assist members with improving their own environmental impact through energy improvement loans, solar loans, and an innovative Indirect Lending program with Solar installers across their region. Clearwater is an advocate for environmental stewardship, with philanthropy, volunteerism, and participation in community environmental programs.

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