CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Nueva Esperanza Community CU

CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Nueva Esperanza Community Federal Credit Union

From Cars to (Food) Trucks: Fulfilling the American Dream on Four Wheels

With a single small branch in Toledo, Ohio, Nueva Esperanza Community Credit Union is a CDFI-certified and low-income designated credit union serving a mostly Latino membership. Nueva Esperanza first opened its doors in 2010 and is still the only Latino credit union in the entire state of Ohio today.

Despite only having one part-time teller, the credit union has been working double-duty to make sure the needs of its members are being met during the troubling time of a global pandemic. Although they do use some social media, Nueva Esperanza has been largely reaching out to its members through the old-fashioned phone-call method —continuously checking in to see if members need to withdraw funds or make emergency loans.

Read more of Nueva Esperanza Community Credit Union's COVID-19 story below:

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