CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Kaua’i Government Employees FCU

Kaua'i Government Employees Federal Credit Union

Rallying Together: Providing Hope to an Island During a Global Pandemic

Say “Aloha” to your new Ohana—a Hawaiian term for family—because as soon as you get to know the Kaua’i Government Employees Federal Credit Union (KGEFCU) community, you will certainly feel like part of a family.

The distinct characteristics that come with living on an island help to create a unique culture at KGEFCU. It is hardly common for a credit union to ride into town on a jet ski and set up pop-up branches to provide emergency loans so people can pay their bills. But that’s exactly what KGEFCU did two years ago when the north shore community was devastated and isolated due to severe flooding.

Clearly the island of Kaua’i, and the credit union in particular, are no strangers to disaster. So even before COVID-19 hit Kaua’i, the team at KGEFCU was already taking action to protect the island and its people.

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