CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Israel Methcomm FCU

CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Israel Methcomm FCU

Patricia Sankey Williams was just a young girl and a member of Israel Methodist Community Church when she first heard of Israel Methcomm Federal Credit Union (IMFCU)—a faith-based credit union serving almost entirely low-income African Americans in Chicago for the past 54 years. Her mother was a member of the credit union and when Mrs. Williams had her youngest daughter, about 18 years ago, she also joined. She has a long history with the credit union and has many wonderful experiences to share about the help she has receive —including car loans, personal loans and college tuition loans for her children.

Mrs. Williams has never, however, been as thankful for IMFCU as when COVID hit.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Williams had enjoyed a long career at a local candy company—starting out as a temp back in 1997 and then being permanently hired a year later. For 23 years she was a dedicated employee—working her way up to store manager for one of the company’s retail locations.

In March, the candy shop shut its doors for what was expected to be a temporary closure as the company navigated the pandemic and subsequent economic challenges. Then, one day in mid-May, she was asked to participate in a Zoom meeting with the company’s human resources department.

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