CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Guardians CU

CDCUs Respond to COVID-19: Guardians Credit Union

Guardians Credit Union in West Palm Beach, Florida, has been doing the work of a Community Development Credit Union long before receiving the actual designation of a CDCU.

“It is in our DNA to be out in the community working with low-income, under-represented people to help them live their best financial lives,” says Heather Landstrom, Community Development Manager for Guardians Credit Union.

The team at Guardians has escalated this outlook in the face of a global pandemic.

Relief During an Economic Crisis

In the COVID-19 climate, Guardians Credit Union has been working around-the-clock on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) lending.

By May 2020, the credit union had approved 253 PPP loans, totaling $5.2 million—with an average loan size of $20,000...

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