Atlanta Journal-Constitution Features On the Rise Westside Program

In ‘underbanked’ Westside, program works to make residents more financially secure

by By J.D. Capelouto, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


For years, neighborhoods on Atlanta’s Westside have suffered from a lack of banks and financial resources, making the area is one of the most “underbanked” in the country, according to the credit reporting agency Equifax.

The shortage of financial institutions can hurt residents when it comes to buying a home, getting a credit card or starting a small business. A growing initiative launched by Equifax three years ago is intended to bring more financial assistance to Atlanta residents and improve the financial standing of some of the city’s most underserved communities.

In the next few weeks, the On The Rise Financial Center is set to open a new office and community space in a new building near the corner of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard.

“The Westside of Atlanta struggles in nearly every economic indicator right now,” said David Stiffler, president of the Equifax Foundation. Equifax started the center in partnership with Inclusiv, a national organization that helps low- and moderate-income people financially through credit unions. Read the full article on the AJC website.

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