An Inclusiv Conversation on Financial Health and Empowerment

An Inclusiv Conversation on Financial Health and Empowerment

Join us Wednesday, April 28 at 2:00PM ET

You are invited to join us Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 2pm ET for an important conversation around member financial health and empowerment. This webinar is open to all community development credit unions who focus on member financial health and empowerment through education, coaching and resource sharing services.

In light of the financial impact of COVID-19, community development credit unions across the country are focusing on how to best help their members, whether through one-on-one financial coaching or providing access to resources to learn about credit and debt. Inclusiv recognizes the different approaches credit unions are taking to better their member's financial lives and wants to find ways to better share those ideas between credit unions.

Towards that end, we are bringing together a collective of credit unions for a discussion on best practices and ways to support our members and communities. As strong community development credit unions that are dedicated to serving your members, your insight is invaluable. We would like to invite you and your credit union team to join us in a conversation on how best to build and support this new collective.

To register, go to the link below:


We encourage you to share your thoughts about supporting member financial empowerment and how your best practices can be shared with other credit unions. Please contact Vernice Arahan, Program Officer at

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