Regina Grant

regina grantRegina Katz (Grant)
Program Manager, On the Rise Financial Center

Regina Katz (Grant) currently serves as the Program Manager for On the Rise Financial Center, a financial empowerment initiative of Inclusiv in Atlanta, Georgia. In her role as Program Manager, she is able to apply her skills and expertise to provide a high level of specialized service to the residents of Atlanta’s Westside community.

As the Center’s Program Manager, Regina leads the delivery of one-on-one financial counseling and coaching following the Pathways to Financial Empowerment model, and the delivery of group financial education with local partners and stakeholders. She also coordinates with community development credit union partners to support access to safe and affordable credit union products.

Having more than 10 years as a certified Homeownership Counselor, including as a part-time employee of a CDCU, Regina has successfully counseled and coached hundreds of clients. She also has managed media and marketing partnerships, and helped develop the Center’s education curriculum. Her 15-year career as a financial educator and coach has helped with the Center’s successful launch and expansion.

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