Cathie Mahon

Cathie Mahon oversees all of Inclusiv’s programmatic and investment activities. Ms. Mahon was selected as the President/CEO following a nationwide executive search and joined Inclusiv on October 1, 2012. She is committed to continuing Inclusiv’s role of bridging the credit union movement to the community development field, promoting financial inclusion and... Read More

Eben Sheaffer
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Investment Officer

Eben Sheaffer is Inclusiv’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Eben is responsible for Inclusiv/Capital, Inclusiv/Mortgage and Inclusiv's operations and IT. For the past three years Eben has served as the President of Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, a $9 million full-service credit union and Inclusiv member located in New York, NY. Eben also...  Read More

Pablo DeFilippiCUDE
Senior Vice President, Membership and Network Engagement

Pablo DeFilippi leads Inclusiv’s membership development and engagement strategies and manages Inclusiv/Network, a network of community development finance practitioners that provide valuable consulting services to CDCUs. Mr. DeFilippi has more than 20 years of experience in community finance, working with regulated financial institutions both in the... Read More

Pamela OwensCUDE
Senior Vice President, Organizational Development & Capacity Building

Pamela Owens has over 20 years of experience supporting community development credit unions' delivery of products and services to underserved communities. Since joining Inclusiv in 1998, a major focus of her work has been capacity building for small and faith-based credit unions. Ms. Owens currently serves as Senior Vice President of Organizational Development...  Read More



Vernice Arahan
Program Officer

As the Program Officer, Vernice Arahan provides logistical and outreach support for Inclusiv’s various initiatives to promote and enhance the financial capability and access to safe financial products of unbanked and underbanked communities. Prior to Inclusiv, Vernice worked with the Bureau of Space and Design and Office of Refugee and Immigrant Affairs in the New York City Human Resources Administration ... Read More

Sharon Bernard

Sharon Bernard
Office Operations Manager

Sharon Bernard is Office Operations Manager and manages the administrative and operational day-to-day activities for the organization. In partnership with senior management, she implements the strategic vision of the organization to enhance infrastructure and ensure increased process efficiency in furtherance of Inclusiv’s key strategic goals. Sharon has more than... Read More

Yash Buddhadev
Data Analyst

Yash Buddhadev is Data Analyst and is responsible for executing Inclusiv’s consumer and member analytics strategy. Yash joined Inclusiv in December 2017 and works directly under the guidance and support of Fintech Director Blake Myers. His work focuses on all the data analytics based projects that Inclusiv is currently working on, helping to empower... Read More

Monica Copeland
Senior Program Officer

Monica is a Senior Program Officer at Inclusiv. In this role she manages initiatives providing technical assistance and resources to help strengthen and grow Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) as well as implementing special projects involving financial capability and financial technology. Prior to working at Inclusiv, Monica was a Senior Program Manager on the children’s... Read More

Mia Deschamps
Research Director

Mia Deschamps became the first Inclusiv Research Director in June of 2019. She works to make evidence-based decision-making and accessible data visualization a daily reality for Inclusiv and its members. In her varied and international past, she has served as strategist, researcher, and methodologist for The Ford Foundation, a government inspector general... Read More

Jules Epstein-Hebert
Membership Engagement Manager

Jules Epstein-Hebert is the Membership Engagement Manager and provides operational support for Inclusiv/Network consulting engagements. Jules's previous experience includes serving as a research analyst at a consulting firm where he conducted qualitative reviews for the development of city and state teacher guidelines. He also has recent experience as a Life Skills... Read More

Anna Foote
SE Regional Director, On the Rise Financial Center|

Anna Foote oversees the Atlanta-based On The Rise Financial Center, providing financial literacy services to residents in Atlanta’s most economically depressed communities. Anna has over 30 years working in all roles within credit unions in Atlanta.  She is the former Vice President of 1st Choice Credit Union and former CEO of Bond Community Credit Union... Read More

Regina Grant
Program Manager, On the Rise Financial Center

Regina Grant currently serves as the Program Manager for On the Rise Financial Center, a financial empowerment initiative of Inclusiv in Atlanta, Georgia. In her role as Program Manager, she is able to apply her skills and expertise to provide a high level of specialized service to the residents of Atlanta’s Westside community. As the Center’s Program Manager, Regina leads... Read More

Ashley Hunter
Communications Officer

Ashley Hunter is Inclusiv’s Communications Officer, handling Inclusiv’s digital communications needs, including membership emails, website maintenance, social media and marketing materials. Previously, Ashley worked on the administrative sides of corporate video production and performing arts higher education and has a background in creating... Read More

Cathi Kim
Director, Inclusiv/Capital

Cathi Kim is the Director of Inclusiv/Capital. Cathi’s work at Inclusiv focuses on portfolio management and researching financial trends and services to low-and moderate-income communities. Prior, Cathi worked on housing and immigrant rights campaigns and complex civil litigations. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and...Read More

Andrea Lally
Accounting and Compliance Specialist

As the Accounting and Compliance Specialist, Andrea provides a range of Member services, including but not limited to technical assistance, education and compliance training, auditing, and accounting support services to Inclusiv Member Credit Unions.  In addition, Andrea is responsible for promoting and helping grow the CDCU Help Desk by providing support... Read More

Bob Mundy
Mortgage Underwriter/Secondary Market Manager

Bob is Inclusiv’s in-house Mortgage Underwriter/Secondary Market Manager having previously served as Inclusiv's Underwriting Consultant. He brings over 20 years of real estate experience as a loan specialist, processor and underwriter in both New York City and Los Angeles. Bob also co-founded The Mortgage Department, LLC which processed and underwrote... Read More

Lela Ragbar
Staff Accountant

Lela Ragbar is the Staff Accountant at Inclusiv and provides accounting assistance. Lela’s previous experience includes a position as the Accounts Payable Coordinator for The Salvation Army. There, she helped resolve discrepancies with vendors, entered data into accounting software, and prepared reports... Read More

Clarissa Ritter
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Clarissa Ritter is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Inclusiv, where her responsibilities include Inclusiv’s communications and increasing the visibility of Inclusiv’s programs. She joined Inclusiv in 2013 with 15+ years of corporate and agency marketing experience in financial services, publishing and retail. After working with UNICEF on grassroots...Read More

Ann Solomon
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Ann Solomon is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Inclusiv. In that role, she leads design and implementation of innovative programs and products to increase the financial capability of low-income people through credit unions, including Inclusiv’s Pathways to Financial Empowerment initiative. Ms. Solomon also facilitates....Read More

René A. Vargas Martínez
Program Officer

René A. Vargas Martínez is a Program Officer at Inclusiv. In that role, René is tasked with advancing financial inclusion for Hispanic and immigrant communities by overseeing the engagement and expansion of a national network of credit unions serving these communities. He also oversees an initiative to build a network of credit unions and cooperativas serving... Read More

Beverly Peters Westbrooks, M.S.W.
Coaching Specialist, On the Rise Financial Center

Beverly Westbrooks serves as the Coaching Specialist at Inclusiv’s On the Rise Financial Center located in Atlanta, Georgia. Beverly supervises a team that works to engage and empower individuals challenged with financial insecurities due to rapid community development. As a service, she provides one-to-one coaching and group facilitation with the intent of... Read More

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